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Paint Blowing Craft for Pentecost

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paint blowing Pentecost craft

We're starting to think about Pentecost here at our house, as we prepare our kids' Bible crafts for the coming month.  This paint blowing Pentecost craft for kids was a huge hit!  They loved being able to make a [small and controlled] mess and call it art.

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Pentecost paint blowing craft for kids

I love the story of Pentecost!  After Christ's death and resurrection, God sends the Holy Spirit to live in each one of us.

And Pentecost, of course, reverses the dynamic that we saw with the tower of Babel.  Instead of confusion and separation, we now have unity.  Our story is a story that unites us, not separates us.  It is a story for all people, for all cultures and languages.

This particular craft that we're doing to mark Pentecost involves paint - of course!  My kids love paint.

They did get a little bit wild with this craft and ended up with paint on their faces, on the table, and I had to pull them back from using their painty straws as weapons.

Overall, this Pentecost craft was a success!  The kids loved it.  And it's a great way to talk about the Holy Spirit descending like fire.

Materials Needed for Your Pentecost Paint Blowing Craft

This is a super simple Pentecost craft that doesn't require much to do.  Low cost, low effort on the set up, though the clean up might be a challenge depending on widely the paint is splattered.

We laid down some ground rules before we started: no blowing paint at each other, and no blowing paint on the table.

What you need:

  • paint (we used acrylic paint in red, yellow, and orange)
  • paper
  • straws (you can make this craft eco-friendly by using paper straws)
paint blowing for Pentecost

How to do Paint Blowing for Pentecost

Again, this is super simple.

  • Squeeze some paint directly onto your paper.  You need a fair bit of paint to get some good distance with your paint blowing.
  • Point your straw at the paint (not in the paint) and blow.

That's it.

How you can experiment with paint blowing:

  • blow the paint in different directions
  • use different amounts of force (hard, sharp blows v. softer and longer blows)
  • put one colour on top of another colour.

Bible Verse for this craft | Acts 2:4 (The Message)

Then, like wildfire, the Holy Spirit spread through their ranks.

paint blowing pentecost craft

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pentecost paint blowing craft for kids

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