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Build Noah’s Ark with Cheerios

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noah's ark crafts for kids

This Noah's Ark with Cheerios project makes a great toddler, preschool, and kindergarten craft.  We made this Noah's ark craft last week during a snow day and it was a huge success with the kindergarteners!

Key kid craft hack: have a pile of Cheerios for crafting and a bowl of Cheerios for eating.  One of our littles ate about 6 bowls of Cheerios while making her ark.

Noah's ark craft for preschool

Materials Needed

This is super simple.  All you really need is paper, glue, cereal, and stickers.

  • paper (we used blue construction paper for the background)
  • glue
  • Cheerios
  • foam animal stickers
  • optional: cotton balls for clouds
  • also optional: markers, crayons, pencil crayons
noah's ark kids craft

How to Build Noah's Ark Out of Cheerios

This is one of the simplest (and the yummiest) Bible crafts you can do with little kids.  It's perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten, and it helps build fine motor skills.  (It also doubles as a snack.)

  • With your white glue, make a boat shape on your paper.
  • Stick your Cheerios onto your glue outline.
  • Decorate with animal stickers and/or markers.

Our kids LOVED making this craft their own.

One kid refused to use Cheerios, and drew his ark with markers.

Two of them decided to use the dinosaur stickers as well.  (There were dinosaurs on the ark, right?)

And one of them ate WAY more Cheerios than made it onto her plate.  ("I need more Cheerios in my bowl, please!")

noah's ark craft for kids