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Angels Word Search for Kids

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If you need a fun and easy activity to reinforce any Bible stories about angels, these angels word searches are perfect for engaging your kids, challenging them, and encouraging imagination and creativity. The easy word search contains fewer words and some fun things to color at the bottom. The harder word search contains more and longer words to find for older kids who like a challenge.

Angels in the Bible

There are many stories and Bible verses about angels throughout Scripture, and teaching kids about angels in the Bible is a great way to get them engaged and interested, using their imagination, and exploring Bible stories.

The angel Gabriel told Mary and Joseph that Mary would give birth to Jesus, and a whole host of angels announced Jesus’ birth to the shepherds. The archangel Michael is said to battle Satan in Revelation. And angels are described as messengers, protectors, and warriors throughout Scripture. They worship God, and they carry out his judgements. Here are some key ways that angels are described in the Bible:

  • Angels are messengers, sent to protect and proclaim how people can live in harmony with God.
  • Angels carry out God’s judgements.
  • Angels are not to be worshipped.
  • Angels fight for us against demonic forces.
  • Angels will accompany Christ when he returns and separate the wicked from the righteous.

Free Printable Angels Word Searches

These cute and fun angel word searches will keep your kids busy while teaching them about angels in the Bible. Download the simple angels word search for smaller kids if you want an easy word search, or the harder angels word search for bigger kids to give them more of a challenge.

Some Bible stories to teach alongside teaching about angels:

  • the angel Gabriel announces that Mary will give birth to Jesus (Luke 1)
  • the nativity story (Jesus’ birth at Christmas time) (Luke 2)
  • the Garden of Eden story, especially when Adam and Eve are exiled (Genesis 3)
  • building the tabernacle, when God instructs his people to place cherubim on the ark of the covenant (Exodus 25)
  • the story of Hagar and Ismael (Genesis 16)
  • Jacob’s dream, when he went to find his wife (Genesis 28)
  • Elijah is strengthened by angels (1 Kings 19)
easy angel word search

Download your easy angels word search for kids here.

angels in the Bible word search for kids

Download your harder angels word search for kids here.

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