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Back to School Blessings and Prayers

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Praying back to school blessings and prayers over your kids, their teachers, and even yourself is a great practice to begin the school year in the knowledge and love of God. You can pray these prayers at home, at church, or at school. Below, you will find prayers for students, for teachers, and for parents, and well as blessings to pray over your kids as they head back to school.

Back to School Prayer for Students

Loving God, thank you for new beginnings, for the new school year, and for the opportunity to learn and to grow.  For all those returning to school, grant them wisdom as they learn new things and grow more into the people that you have created them to be.  May they discover new things about your world and about themselves.  May their friendships be strong.  May they be confident in your love.  May they seek you first above all things and may all they do be done in love. Grant them the courage, the wisdom, the perseverance, the curiosity, and the kindness that they will need for this new school year. Amen.

Back to School Prayer for Teachers

God of wisdom, thank you for the gift of teachers and educators.  May they be filled with your wisdom, your grace, and your strength this year as they nurture our children.  When they feel unseen, remind them that you are the God who sees us and the God who hears us.  Grant them comfort in their troubles, confidence in their strengths, and joy in their interactions with others.  May they run and not grow weary; may they walk and not grow faint.  Above all, may they trust in you, and may they see how their dedication impacts many generations.  Amen

Back to School Prayer for Parents

Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of our children.  Thank you for the joy and the challenge that they bring to each day.  As they return to school, please keep our children safe from harm, from injury, and from the culture’s pace and expectations.  Help them to grow into the people that you created them to be.  Help us to delight in the things that bring them joy, to strengthen them when they stumble, and to encourage them when they lose confidence.  Help us to be beacons of your light and your love, to be godly examples for our children.  Calm our hearts when we feel anxious, and comfort us when we feel overwhelmed.  Above all, help us to raise our children up so that they might know and love you.  Amen.

Back to School Blessings and Prayers for students, teachers, and parents

A Back to School Blessing to Pray Over Your Kids on the First Day

____ (name), may you discover new things this year. May you delight in new beginnings and new challenges. May you find good friends who build you up and strengthen you. And may you know that God is with us in all things.

A Blessing to Pray Over Your Kids Year Round

____ (name), may you know God’s love today. May you find things that bring you joy. May God grant you the courage, the perseverance, the curiosity, and the kindness that you need to face the day.

Want more back to school prayers to pray over your children? Check out this collection of Back to School Prayers with Bible Verses.

Pair your back to school prayers and blessing with these cute backpack blessing tags (see below). Just download, print, and cut. Hand these on backpacks to encourage your kids and remind them of God’s word.

Backpack blessing tags - I am wonderfully made
Backpack blessing tags - Be strong and courageous

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