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Painted Wooden Crosses

painted wooden cross craft

We made these painted wooden crosses at Messy Church this month, and the kids loved them!  This was one of the easiest kids' Bible crafts that we've done: all you need are some wooden crosses and some paint (and maybe some glitter).

As always, any paint crafts were a huge hit with the kids!  (What is it about kids and paint?)

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painted wooden cross craft for kids

Materials Needed for Painted Wooden Crosses

These are super simple, and you really don't need much.

  • wooden crosses (buy them online here)
  • paint
  • ribbon or another material to make necklaces out of your crosses
  • glitter (optional)
painted wooden cross craft

A fun story about where we found our crosses...

I work as a youth ministry coordinator an an Anglican church near our house.  It's a pretty awesome job: I hang out with kids and teens, play games, make a mess (and then clean that mess), and talk about Jesus.

One of the best parts of this job, I think, is the direct line that we have to God.  (In a kidding, not kidding kind of way.)

Here's the story: Every once in a while, stuff shows up in the youth room.  Foam Nerf soccer balls, really, really old and obscure boards games, and most recently, a box of dozens of wooden crosses.

These are things that just show up somewhere around the church (like found hidden behind furniture that was moved after a minor flood), and then they become mine.

Awesome.  Wooden crosses (and Nerf soccer balls) straight from God.

So that's where we got the idea to paint these crosses.  (We had to peel name tag stickers off of some of them, from the previous owners.)

All we did was set out some plain wooden crosses, paint, and some glitter, and the kids had a blast painting their own crosses.

(As you can see below, the default kid-strategy was to paint a cross and then pour massive amounts of glitter on it.  They turned out beautiful.)

You can pick up your own batch of wooden crosses, ready to paint and with pre-drilled holes to turn them into necklaces, here.

painted wooden crosses