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Seed Prayers: A Creative Prayer Station to Encourage Growth

seeds in egg carton

We used this fun prayer station at school and at church this spring and summer. You can set this prayer station up with a collection of flower seeds, some soil, and some flower pots or an egg carton. This is a creative and interactive way to teach kids to pray, as well as a great way to get adults involved in a fun and tangible prayer practice.

This makes a fun spring prayer or a summer prayer, as you can plant your “prayers” outside once they sprout! This also makes a good reflective activity, as it encourages the kids and adults participating to reflect on what they want to grow in their lives.

seed prayer station

Materials Needed:

  • seeds (wildflower seeds, sunflower seeds, or any seeds that you would like to sprout)
  • soil
  • something to hold the sprouting flowers (flower pots or an egg carton)
  • a container with water
  • printed instructions
sprouted flowers

Once our “prayers” sprouted, I separated the egg cartons and planted them in flower pots and outside. They are becoming beautiful wildflowers! This is a fabulous and tangible way to watch the growth of something that you have planted and think about what is “growing” in your own life.

Prayer Station Instructions:

Spring is a time to celebrate new life, fresh starts, and hope. This is a prayer of thanksgiving for new beginnings with God. It can also be a chance to pray for God’s guidance when you are seeking some kind of fresh start or when you want God to help grow something in your life.

  • Take a seed from the dish and hold it in your hand.
  • Say “thank you” for something new that God has brought in your life, pray about a circumstance in which you feel there is a need for a fresh start, think about what you want God to grow in your life (Do you need more patience, bravery, persistence…?), or ask for help with a goal you wish to achieve.
  • Plant the seed in some soil and sprinkle a little bit of water on top. Trust that God will grow good things in your life.
Seed Prayers

Download the Seed Prayer Station instructions here.

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7 thoughts on “Seed Prayers: A Creative Prayer Station to Encourage Growth”

    1. I’m so glad, Stacey! My kids liked this prayer. One of the girls at school planted so many seeds! (I had the prayer station up for about a month and I bet she planted one every day.)

  1. I enjoy how you help children find gratitude in the small beautiful things God has made for us. You have so many creative ideas! May the LORD continue to bless your ministry!

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