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Would You Rather Bible Edition

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These would you rather questions are great for youth group leaders who are looking for ice-breakers or games to fill in the before-and-after Bible study time during meetings.

This game is fun and creative - and can give your youth an opportunity to be outrageous - and it can also drum up interest in Bible stories. (Always a plus!)

You can play this would you rather Bible edition game as a part of your regular youth meeting, or you could use a question to two as an ice-breaker when bringing new groups of youth together. ("Tell me your name, your favourite food, and whether you would rather name the animals or build the ark.")

Would You Rather Bible Questions + Printable

Ways to Play Would You Rather

There are a number of different ways to play would you rather. Some of my favourite ones for youth groups:

  • Write all your questions on slips of paper. Have each student draw a question and give their answer.
  • If you have a youth room and furniture: Assign one couch to be option A and one couch to be option B. Read one question and have the youth all pile on the couch of their choice. (You can talk about why they chose what they did after you un-pile your youth.)
  • Set a time limit for answering questions, and place the slips of paper in a far corner of the room to make the game even more high-energy.

Tell your youth that they MUST choose one answer. "Both", or "I don't know" are not options.

Would You Rather Bible Questions Preview

30 Would You Rather Bible Questions

  • Sit at the feet of Jesus while he teaches, or prepare supper for Jesus and the disciples in the kitchen?
  • Face Goliath with only a stone and a slingshot or wander in the desert for 40 years?
  • Carry the ark of the covenant across the Jordan River or carry Jesus’s cross to Golgatha?
  • Name the animals or build the ark?
  • Betray Jesus or deny Jesus?
  • Be a fisherman or a tax collector?
  • Be a sheep or a shepherd?
  • Marry Boaz or marry King Xerxes?
  • Collect leftover grain in the wheat fields or help convince the king to reverse his edict to kill all the Jews?
  • Be present at Jesus' birth or his resurrection?
  • Be a shepherd or a magi?
  • See Jesus walk on water or see him heal a blind man?
  • See Jesus feed 5,000 or see him raise Lazarus?
  • Be imprisoned for over 2 years or be swallowed by a whale?
  • Have God add 15 years to your life or be carried to heaven in a chariot of fire?
  • Know what type of fruit Adam and Eve ate or know what Jesus wrote in the sand when people wanted to stone the woman who’d committed adultery?
  • Be thrown into a furnace or into a lion's den?
  • Have the strength of Samson or the wisdom of Solomon?
  • Live as long as Methuselah (969 years) or or as long as Jesus (33 years)?
  • Have a plague of locusts of a plague of frogs?
  • Spend an hour in heaven or a week with Jesus on earth?
  • Have dinner with Moses or Paul?
  • Have dinner with Ruth or Ester?
  • Accompany Moses on Mount Sinai or Jesus on the mountain of his transfiguration?
  • Live on only bread (manna) for 40 years or be struck dumb for 9 months?
  • Would you rather experience Pentecost or be with the disciples when Jesus appeared to them after the resurrection?
  • See the burning bush talk to Moses or see the fire consume Elijah's alter in front of the prophets of Baal?
  • Have heard one of Jesus' sermons or seen one of his miracles?
  • Have heard Moses read the 10 commandments or Jesus preach the sermon on the mount?
  • See Jesus dry up a fig tree or see him flip tables in the tabernacle?

These would you rather Bible questions are great for getting youth involved and interested. If you can follow up the questions with some discussion about why they chose the way they did, and share some of your experience on the topic, then these questions can lead into some great Bible study and spiritual reflection.

Would you rather bible questions