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10 Easy Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

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easy easter egg crafts

If you’ve got crafty kids, then Easter is the perfect time to make ALL the egg (and the chick) crafts.

When I first had kids, and we were trying to make Easter more about Jesus and less about bunnies that lay chocolate eggs, I tended to do way more cross crafts with the kids and less Easter egg crafts.

But then I realized the significance of the Easter egg: the egg signifies new life. So, yes, it’s a general symbol of spring, but it can also be used to talk about the resurrection, and about how we look forward to new life here and now (as we’re transformed into heavenly creatures here on earth) and also how we’re promised new life after death.

Plus, Easter eggs have a really wide appeal, and they’re perfect crafts for Christians and non-Christians to do together. (Hello, young family outreach idea! We’re actually doing the natural dyed Easter egg craft this Sunday with church kids and their friends.)

10 Easy Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

Here are 10 super simple, and also beautiful, Easter egg crafts to do with the kids: everything from dying eggs with natural materials, to turning eggs into rabbits and chicks.

Silk dyed Easter eggs from repurposed ties – These silk dyed Easter eggs are absolutely stunning, and super simple to make if you have some old silk ties lying around.

Natural dyed Easter eggs – These eggs are dyed with fruits, vegetables, and spices, and they are gorgeous!

No-sew felt Easter egg chick – Make this cute chick out of felt – no sewing skills required.

Resurrection eggs – Use this free printable to tell the story of Christ’s death and resurrection with plastic Easter eggs.

Easter egg maracas – Make some noise with these super simple Easter egg maracas. All you need are plastic Easter eggs, some tape, and some plastic (or metal) spoons.

Easter egg slime stress balls – My kids love slime! (Who doesn’t?) Now you can turn your slime into an Easter egg stress ball.

Watercolour Easter egg art – This project uses stickers (how clever!) to make a watercolour resist painting. The results are adorable and sort of magic, especially when you’re 5 years old.

Painted Easter egg rocks – These are gorgeous! And perfect to put in the garden for Easter.

Easter egg stamps – These are made out of kitchen sponges. Super cool!

Rabbits and chicks – Turn your Easter eggs into rabbits and chicks. These Easter eggs are super cute and easy to make with the kids.

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