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Free Printable Bible Verse Bookmarks to Color

bible verse coloring bookmarks printables

We love printable coloring bookmarks in our house, because they make for a fun, creative activity, and because we go through a lot of bookmarks! These free printable Bible verse bookmarks to color will keep your kids busy (for a few minutes, at least), help reinforce God’s Word in your children’s lives, and provide you with a source of many bookmarks (so you can keep a stack of them on your bookshelf like we do).

This would make a great Sunday school bookmark craft, creative family Bible study activity, or a ministry resource.

Bible verse coloring bookmarks free printable

Free Printable Bible Verse Bookmarks to Color

These printable Bible verse bookmarks are great for kids, teens, and adults to color. Print them on cardstock for best results, and laminate them when you are finished coloring.

In addition to keeping your place in whatever book you’re reading, these Bible verse bookmarks will also remind you of little bits of God’s Word throughout the day. Color them for yourself, make it a family activity, or give them away as gifts. These bookmarks are also perfect to use as a ministry resource.

Download your Bible verse coloring bookmarks here.

Love Themed Bible Verse Bookmarks for Kids

We love having bookmarks to print and color in our house because it keeps the kids busy (for a few minutes) and it helps them keep track of which page they’re on in whatever book they’re reading at the moment.

Because we have so many books in our house – and because things don’t always get put back to where they belong – we go through a lot of bookmarks. (I usually have a small pile of bookmarks on the shelf in the living room for easy access.) Printable bookmarks that the kids can color give you a creative outlet for the kids a source of many, many bookmarks.

These free printable Bible verse bookmarks to color are great for Sunday School, Valentine’s Day, reinforcing memory verses, or just for fun at home. For best results, print your Bible verse bookmarks on cardstock and laminate after coloring.

You can also use these bookmarks as printable Valentines: just print out your bookmarks on cardstock, cut them out individually, and let your kids give them away to their friends on Valentine’s Day.

These cute printable Bible verse bookmarks also reinforce the message that God loves each and every one of us, and that we ought to treat each other with love as well.

Grab your set of free love themed printable bookmarks to color right here.

Psalms Bible Verse Coloring Bookmarks for Kids

I love the Psalms because they contain so much beauty and poetry. These Bible verse bookmarks include four well-known verses from the Psalms that your kids can color. This is perfect for reinforcing memory verses, or just planting little bits of God’s Word in your children’s hearts.

Use these for Sunday School, a classroom activity, or at home with your family.

Grab your set of Psalms Bible verse coloring bookmarks for kids right here.

Want more Scripture coloring resources? Grab a set of Kids’ Bible Verse Coloring Pages here.

Or check out my Scripture coloring cards for adults (and older kids).

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    1. Hi Stephanie. Absolutely! I just ask that you share the link to my site for them to download the bookmarks, rather than sharing the digital file through another platform/method. 🙂

  1. Thank you Rebecca for these lovely printables! My daughter and I have had a very blessed time colouring and reading these bookmarks as we’ve made them up as party favours for her upcoming birthday 🙂 God bless you for creating these x

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