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Halloween Bible Lessons

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Happy Halloween

For many of us, both outside of Christianity and inside, Halloween tends to be about sugar, endless acquisition (more and more and more candy), and...dare I say it....even witchcraft.  (It's becoming super "trendy" to have Devil's Night parties and celebrate all things spooky and macabre.  Or was that always trendy?)

But Halloween, with all its ghosts and ghouls and demons, is not a holiday that Christians need to fear, or to reject as Satan's birthdayHalloween, in fact, is the perfect time to talk to kids about finding fulfillment in God, trusting in God, and being beacons of light and love.


The 5-Minute Halloween Bible Lesson

The simplest way to talk about faith in the context of Halloween with your kids, is to talk about our desire to get more and more things (on Halloween: candy!) and how endless acquisition still leaves us unsatisfied.

For little kids, especially, Halloween is all about candy!  But candy will not make us happy in the long run.  It may make us happy for a while, but we need more substantial things to keep us healthy (like broccoli and complex carbohydrates) and happy (like friends and family, and ultimately, a relationship with God).

10 Halloween Bible Lessons for preschoolers, youth, and teenagers

Halloween Bible Lessons for Teens

Elementary and Younger Youth Halloween Bible Lessons

Preschool Halloween Bible Lessons

All Ages Halloween Bible Lessons

  • The Pumpkin Gospel is a really clever way to talk about how we are transformed by the Holy Spirit - while carving pumpkins!
  • The 10 Commandments for Halloween object lesson is super clever.  If you have kids of different ages, let the older ones (the teenagers) teach part of the lesson.  You can use this lesson to talk about being light in the darkness, and spreading love instead of fear.
  • This Halloween candy Bible verse match up game is a great way to work on Scriptural knowledge and memory verses with the kids...while eating candy, of course!

Ministry to Children also has a couple of really creative Christian Halloween coloring pages that you can download for free.

The Pumpkin Prayer

We're also starting to use the pumpkin prayer this year, during our pumpkin carving nights.  This is a great activity to do at home with just a few kids (and go through the relevant Scripture passages) and also with a whole pile of families, like at the pumpkin carving event we do at church every year.

You can find the pumpkin prayer here and download pumpkin prayer bookmarks for the littles to colour.


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