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Pentecost Crafts for Kids

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Pentecost Crafts

Are you looking for Pentecost craft ideas?  Pentecost is such a great time to get creative with the kids.  The descending of the Holy Spirit lends itself well to creative expression and fun, fiery crafts.  These Pentecost crafts for kids will get your kids creatively engaged in the story.

We’ve done these Pentecost crafts both at church and at home.  They are great for Sunday school and for Bible study time at home.

You also don’t have to save these for Pentecost.  These are great Holy Spirit craft ideas for any day (or any week) when you are talking about the Holy Spirit with the kids.

We use them especially around Pentecost because we’re in a more liturgical church that celebrates the birth of the early church and the coming of the Holy Spirit (i.e. Pentecost) each year, 50 days after Easter.

Below, you’ll find Holy Spirit/Pentecost crafts that you can decorate the house with, hang in the window, and also some that the kids can play with and wear!

I think the Holy Spirit headbands and the ribbon bracelets were my kids’ favourites.  They love anything where they can ‘customize’ it: pick the colors, change it up a bit….

Pentecost crafts for kids

Simple and Creative Pentecost Crafts for Kids

Here’s a list of easy Pentecost crafts that you can do with kids of any age.  Get creative with these Pentecost craft ideas and explore the story of the sending of the Holy Spirit with the littles and not-so-littles.

Paint blowing Pentecost craft | Out Upon the Waters – Grab some red, orange, and yellow paint and some straws for this Pentecost craft.

Wind and fire streamers | Danielle’s Place- these are great crafts to make with the big kids and the little kids, and they can run around with them after and watch the streamers fly!

Faux stained glass Holy Spirit flame | Catholic Teacher – I love this one and want it in my window!  What a simple and creative way to get the kids to craft Pentecost.

Paper plate dove | Catholic Icing – You can attach the gifts of the Spirit to your paper plate dove and make a great Holy Spirit wall hanging for Pentecost.

Holy spirit headbands | Out Upon the Waters – These are adorable.  The kids can wear homemade flame headbands and re-enact the story of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descends on the disciples.

Origami Dove | Origami Expressions – Make an origami dove (or more!) to celebrate Pentecost.  Be sure to check out the picture @ Origami Expressions of the hundreds of doves in the cathedral!  Could I duplicate that at home??

Ribbon bracelets | Out Upon the Waters – Use fire colours to make this creative Pentecost craft.  This is another one that the kids can run around with.

Pentecost pinwheels | Bryony Taylor – Some paper, a dowel, and a pushpin are all you need to make this Pentecost craft.

Gifts of the Spirit wind sock | Shower of Roses – This is a gorgeous craft to get the kids thinking about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Hang it in your window or on a tree branch outside.

Pentecost wind twirls | Danielle’s Place – A super simple craft for the littles to make and hang in the window, a door frame, or really anywhere else.

Flying flames | Out Upon the Waters – What could be better than colouring and then launching paper flames?  Answer: pretty much nothing.

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